Why Partner with the LSA?


We can provide you with a direct link to a diverse and talented group of students. The LSA has access to 2000 students from local, interstate and international backgrounds.


The LSA is committed to connecting with students through online platforms, frequent academic and social events, print publications and word of mouth.


Foster relationships with ambitious, driven and career-orientated students.

About the LSA

Bond University Law Students’ Association (LSA) is an award-winning students’ association that represents the enthusiastic, highly motivated Bond law students. The LSA is continually seeking to improve career opportunities for students.

The LSA aims to:

  • Create: a positive and inspiring experience for law students through the coordination of social, academic and cultural activities;
  • Facilitate: communication between law students, staff, alumni, industry and other universities.
  • Advocate: the interests and concerns of the law student body.


Sponsorship Prospectus