Hello Bench Press Readers,

A big change is coming to Bench Press this semester, but it’s one that we are really excited about and I’m writing this today to share the news. After much thought and discussion on the topic, the LSA has decided to change our method of publishing articles. Until now, Bench Press has been printed once a month in both paper and digital format. Each edition contained a range of articles, pictures from LSA/faculty events, and posters on upcoming LSA events and competitions. That’s going to change.

We will now publish individual articles as they become ready: online only. This will make greater use of our fantastic website that our IT Officer has put so much work into revamping.

As some of the articles we publish are on topics related to current events, we believe that having to retain articles for a few weeks in order to wait for enough articles to arrive to make up a complete edition can, at times, begin to wear away at the relevance of the content. After all the hard work that writers put into their submissions, we would prefer this didn’t happen.

Further to that, we think that publishing individual pieces online will allow Bench Press readers and contributors to have the opportunity to discuss the articles through a discussion via comments. I think this greater degree of interaction will be far more engaging for Bench Press readers.

The guidelines for articles will not change: writers will still submit their articles to me (~500 to 1000 words in length) and they can include any pictures they want published alongside their writing, as well. Articles will be posted as soon as they have been revised – no long wait time to see your name with a by-line.

If you have any further questions about the change, or you’re interested in preparing a submission, please do not hesitate to contact me at:


I look forward to publishing your articles soon,

Mark Schulz
Publications Director