Keep up to date with all of the LSA’s competitions.

Brian Orr Mooting Competition

Brian Orr is Bond’s most prestigious internal moot competition! Judged by a range of staff,¬†mooters, mooting alumni, and – in the¬†grand final – firm representatives from its sponsor, Rose Litigation. It is an excellent introduction to mooting, where law students can improve their legal research, writing and advocacy skills in a safe and welcoming environment.

Students in their first three semesters will compete in a junior division and will be assigned an experienced mooter to act as a mentor. Students fourth semester onwards compete in the senior division.

Negotiation Competition

Almost no preparation is required and you’ll be developing your negotiation skills (which you will need to display in several subjects throughout your law degree) in a low-pressure environment

Client Interview Competition

ATTENTION ALL LAW STUDENTS!!! This competition is a great way to practice your interviewing skills in a safe and welcoming environment. Students will have to do clientinterviews for subject assessments, and when practising, so this is a great opportunity to learn and hone your skills.

Ashurst Witness Examination Competition

Why participate?
1. Requires very minimal preparation prior to the competition
2. It is a great way to practice a range of legal skills in a safe and welcoming environment
3. Gives law students exposure to Ashurst! – a top-tier law firm