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Past Events

The Session: Cavill Ave

The Session is back and better than ever!

Here at the LSA, we are recreating our beloved Cavill Avenue right on your doorstep at 8pm Thursday 23rd January (week 2)!

To bring you a classic Don’s party, we’ve got a Mocktails section (inspired by the one and only Cocktails) and a back-room opening from 10pm onwards (for those who are keen for an Elsey vibe).

And what more could you want at the end of a night out on Cavill Ave other than some cheeky Maccas?!

DRESS CODE: Come as your favourite GC bogan, a Surfers schoolie lad, or your classic Burleigh Pav-ian. Or simply, dress as you please, as we’re all Coasties now.


The Session 193.


Mid-Sems are done so it’s time to get SLOPPY at our old fave, Don’s. Let’s WASH away all that useless info our poor brain cells are trying to retain, and get BUBBLY again!

Here at the LSA, we FROTH a good time, so we are throwing a FOAM party. It’s time to throw away your classy kits, and get into some dope SOAP. Wear whatever you want to RINSE & REPEAT in.

WHAT: The Session
WHERE: Don’s
WHEN: November 7, 2019 at 8 PM – 12 AM
WHO: Everyone
COST: $10 Bondies, $20 Non-Bondies
*Non-Bondies must be escorted by a Bondy at a 1:1 ratio
HOW: Ticket sales open on Friday through TryBooking.


Chillz and Grillz 193.

It is getting to that point of the year where we are all getting hot and bothered. The LSA reckons it’s time to chill out.

Come down to the Law Lawns at 12pm on Tuesday 29th October (Week 8) for some free snags, icy poles, lollies, Chobani yoghurts as a healthy alternative and red bull! We of course have some vego/vegan options available too!

Come on over for a study break, free feed and a boogie!

The Informant 193.

Join us in the law library lounge on Wednesday the 16th October from 6pm to 9pm at the LSA’s Informant event!

This semester’s Informant panel is taking the issue of mental health in the legal profession one step further. The big question is how as legal tech influenced our mental health? Has tech made us more efficient and willing to communicate or are we hyper-connected, addicted and heading towards burn-out?

Hear from a group of passionate lawyers as they discuss their experiences in navigating the changing technological face of legal practice.

Jolene Nel:
– Experienced Family lawyer and mediator at McLaughlins Lawyers, wellness advocate, committee member of the Gold Coast District Law Association

Kathryn Schmidt:
– Lawyer at MinterEllison Brisbane, Bond grad 2017, executive committee member of YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament as a mentor for the Child Safety, Youth and Women committee, volunteer lawyer with UNICEF, Youth Advisory Councillor with the Queensland Family & Child Commission.

Tammy Johnson:
– Assistant Professor at Bond University