LSA Tutor Database

The LSA Tutor database is an online platform for students to seek help in certain foundational law subjects from students who have received 80% or more in that particular subject.

High-achieving students can nominate themselves for the LSA Tutor Database by emailing [email protected]

Seeking help from a student tutor is a great way to get a student-perspective on the course you are studying, so check out the database and happy learning!

Career Development Centre

The Career Development Centre (CDC) builds upon Bond University’s offer that its students will not just be helped to find a job, but a suitable career.

In order to make sure you get the most out of your degree whilst at Bond, the CDC has developed the ‘Beyond Bond’ program that centres around ‘Professional Development & Community Engagement’. This requirement is designed to develop interpersonal skills that are looked for by employers today.

Available all weekdays, the Employment Service Specialists and Business Development Specialists serve as a viable link between students and the CDC’s partners in industry.

The CDC is able to help find part-time employment and holiday jobs.

Above all, the CDC can help you define your career path, write applications and resumes, prepare for interviews and make contact with key employers.

Workshops, seminars, networking functions and an annual Job & Internship Fair are available either semesterly or yearly as well as advertising available positions on our Scout online careers and employment portal.

The CDC is to help you bring ambition to life and it is encouraged that students make an effort to get a meeting before graduation.